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What we do

So you have an idea for your new awesome app, right? We're here to help. Our main focus is to build smoothly running web applications for our clients.

Do you need to remodel your old application and implement it accordingly with the newest web app standards? Or do you have application that isn't scalable? We love to make things work. We are problem solvers.

How we deliver

Responsive Design

Every pixel is perfect and every resolution works smoothly. We optimize from smartphone to 27" screens.


Do you need your app to communicate with other apps? Just leave it to us! From iPhone apps, Chrome plugins, 3rd party apps to front-end, we’ve got you covered!

Scalable Architecture

We design the architectures so that your app won't collapse during the traffic spike.

The process


We do the research to provide you with all the data necessary to make smart decision.

Stage 1

We break the whole project into the small parts so that you'll see easily the progress. During the development process you can decide what functionality has the highest priority in the project.

Stage 2

Before we do launch we need to test it out. We do rounds of QA to be sure that we're delivering you bugless work. And we even offer you 30 day period of free bug fixes so that you can relax while launching the app.

Stage 3

We will make sure that everything will go smoothly so that you don't have troubles and wrinkles.

Stage 4

Technologies we work with

Here are technologies we love working with: