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What we do

So you have an idea for your new awesome app, but you don’t have online shop yet? Don’t worry, we're the e-commerce specialists. Focus on your product and your clients, while we take care of the tech stuff.

Does your old application feel sluggish and unresponsive? Are you ashamed of how it performs in general? With us, you will receive a secure, stable and beautifully written code that is ready for massive scale or do you have application that isn't scalable? We love to make things work. We are problem solvers.

How we deliver

Responsive Design

From big screen monitors to tiny mobile screens, your new website is going to look amazing on every device.


Does your app need to communicate with other apps? We’ll make sure everything is integrated into a wholesome well-oiled web machine!

Scalable Architecture

We design the architectures so that your app won't collapse during the traffic spike.

The process


First we would have a little back and forth with you to discover what we're building here exactly. You'll talk to developers and designers. We do the research to provide you with all the data necessary to make smart decision.

Stage 1

We break the whole project into the small parts so that you'll see easily the progress. During the development process you can decide what functionality has the highest priority in the project.

Stage 2

Every big project needs a proper test. Your app will go through the gauntlet of extensive QA to be sure that what you get is a top notch product. Even when you confirm the project done - we’re still around for 30 days to provide support and assistance.

Stage 3

You’ll have everything up and ready for the big launch so you can start focusing on users immediately.

Stage 4

Technologies we work with

Here are technologies we love working with: