What we do

What we can do for you?

We understand what it is to have an exciting idea for startup or software. Our work will be beyond the classic coder skills. We use our brains, business experience and expertise to make the perfect base for your idea.

When you start working with us, you agree to work with us as a team.

That means that we'll be in constant communication over the Slack, Google Hangout, Trello, Basecamp, Skype etc. It's crucial for us that we understand every aspect and detail of the project.

What we usually do for our clients

Build project from scratch

You have an initial idea and we help you to get started. We are engineers and we partner with top-notch web design agencies.

Optimize your current software

The app you have was good 5-6 years ago, but now you feel that it's time for change? We modernize your aging infrastructure, rebuild the system, removing the technical debt and optimize the costs.

Implement new designs from your designer

You have your superstar designer that made designs for you and you really want them implemented? We're here to help. Pixel perfect is our thing.

Web Applications - Browser based applications built in Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Reactjs, Bootstrap