eduPortal is a website originally built almost a decade ago. Here, users can search through schools in their city in Mexico.

The Problem

Serge from eduPortal asked us to do a full stack revamp. Old design was looking really bad (from year 2008) and the technology was also few years behind. The main goal was to create app with similar functionalities while all user data should remain untouched. Owner's main concern was to also keep the SEO levels unchanged.


The Process

At Quick Monkeys, we love working on Ruby on Rails platforms. It brings us speed in development. We were able to leverage team work using Docker, so that every developer participating had his environment ready in few commands.

Hard part in the process was to migrate old database into new app, since the old database had a lot of inconsistency in it (not all records had all foreign keys etc). Also a lot of records had wrong geographical coordinations. That caused map shows schools on different continent while the address was still in Mexico.

We were able to deal with all of these problematic aspects and Serge has his app up and running without glitches.

The Stack

Ruby on RailsGoogle Geocoding DockerLinodeGithubPostgres jQuerySassSidekiqRedis

The Result

The whole development was fun for us. With great weekly communication with Serge we were able to meet his expectations and bring our expertise into this interesting project.