Glocap is a HR company from New York, operating in 3 other cities and have over 100 employees.

The Problem

RC, the Head of IT in Glocap, called us and Indicius to take over their web app development and website revamp (their original website is from 2010). The app should provide inteligent interface between candidate and recruiter.


The Process

Important part of the project was to get all possible data from LinkedIn API, which is probably the most important element in recruiter's life. Also in user's area there is a set of assesment quizes. User's can simply answer all questions and the result gives a better insight into candidate's capacity.

The client also asks for very specific kind of animation on homepage that express the process of hiring, when avatars and jobs get connected.

The Stack

Ruby on RailsHerokuPostgres DockerGithubSassLinkedIn API

The Result

We gathered a lot of experiences during the whole development process and even though that it never went alive, we are trully happy to have it in our portfolio. The development version is on this link: