Meet An Immigrant


Meet An Immigrant is a movement supported by people from Storycraft.

The Problem

The reason why Phat decided to call us and Indicius (our design friends) was to create online presentation for his movement. The main part should be a profile picture generator that adds filter to user's picture and adds it as profile picture on Facebook. Another important component is donation form that accepts Paypal and credit card payments using Stripe gateway.


The Process

This wasn't our usual development work. We decided to go with Wordpress because of client's wish. It appeared to be the best option in the moment, because client and other editors wanted to add blog articles with high frequency.

We decided to go with Sage starter template that contains modern front-end development workflow using Gulp. We created custom plugin for generating user's pictures and integrated it into the template.

The Stack

WordpressTrellisSage VagrantDigital OceanGithubMySQL AnsibleSassGulp

The Result

The whole development was fun for us. With great weekly communication with Phat we were able to meet his expectations and bring our expertise into this interesting project. The project is live.

Meet An Immigrant