Mia Rei


Mia Rei is a e-commerce startup from Silicon Valey. Startup owners Jana and Daisy wanted to transmit their idea into functional prototype. Unlike other e-commerce websites, Mia Rei is looking for the best way to process user data and show to users only best-fitting clothing.

The Problem

Today, one of the biggest problem for e-commerce shops is that around 50% of all clothing bought online gets returned. Let's face it, people doesn't have the possibility to try clothes before buying online.


The Process

Owner Jana had certain app behavior in her mind. The more user data were inputed, the more relevant results user gets. When user clears all data he receive all products.

At Quick Monkeys, we love Solidus (fork of Spree e-commerce), that is built on top of Ruby on Rails framework. Solidus gives us ability to develop quickly store and focus on out-of-box functionalities. To filter the right product based on user's input we used several database views and functions. With that we were able to transfer a bit of load from Heroku server to PostgreSQL database.

The Stack

Ruby on RailsSolidus DockerHerokuAWS S3GithubPostgresScenic Views jQuerySass

The Result

We really enjoyed the process of developing the app. Have a look

Mia Rei